About the Southern Educational Robotics Conference

The Southern Educational Robotics Conference (SERC) has been serving educators and administrators across the Southeast for four years, providing a space for the robotics community to collaborate and learn together. Initially founded as a VEX Robotics Conference, SERC became the first and only multi-platform educational robotics conference in the country in 2020, seeing the need to expand beyond a single platform and allow teachers from all backgrounds and situatons to come together around the shared evolution of educational robotics regardless of what platforms teachers and administrators have available. SERC now hosts a diverse group of educators of many backgrounds that share both general concepts to be used in education across platforms as well as deeper dives into implementing specific platforms into your school's curriculum.

Southern Educational Robotics Conference 2020
Going virtual in the classroom & the Conference Hall

Seeing the need for expanding the conference to multiple platorms, SERC 2020 welcomed over 200 educators and administrators to a virtual conference with dozens of engaing & interactive sessions ranging from Fundraising for Robotics to Writing Engineering Notebooks. SERC became the only educational robotics conference in the country to shift the focus away from a single platform and welcome participants to learn about more broad topics as well as implementation of multiple specific platforms in the same space.

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A group of students chatting while holding a robot

2019-2020 Southern Regional VEX Conference:
Expanding support for robotics educators

The second Southern Regional VEX Conference expanded its reach to include educators from over 7 states across the country coming together for workshops, technical sessions, and more. This year saw several new topics such as increasing diversity in robotics, designing robotics curriculum, creating robotics leagues, and more.

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A group of students chatting while holding a robot

2018-2019 Southern Regional VEX Conference:
The first Educational Robotics Conference in the USA

The Southern Educational Conference's predecessor, the Southern VEX Robotics Conference was created in 2018 and hosted in January 2019 by SCORE and the REC Foundation to meet the need for professional development and support in Alabama as it became one of the fastest growing states in the VEX community. The conference succesfuly provided over 150 educators with several workshops, networking opportunities, Q&A sessions, and keynote speakers.

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SERC Committee

Photo of Mary Lou Ewald

Mary Lou Ewald

Director, STEM Outreach Center

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Photo of Jennifer Spencer

Jennifer Spencer

Assistant Director, SCORE

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Photo of Matthew Buckley

Matthew Buckley

Program Administrator, SCORE

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Photo of Hunter Terry

Hunter Terry

Coordinator, SCORE

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